Tyler Myers – Environmental Science and Resource Management

My name is Tyler Myers, I am an Environmental Science and Resource Management major at the University of Washington in the class of 2018. After switching majors halfway through my second year at the UW, I wanted to study the science behind the health of our planet. UW’s undergraduate research opportunities have given me so many tools and connections for my future.

During the summer of 2016, I worked with the Demonstration of Ecosystem Management Options project doing field work throughout the Pacific Northwest. We went into forests of both Oregon and Washington to collect data on the regrowth of post-harvest forest. It was such an incredible experience to be outdoors doing real work with my hands, and learning about the forest ecosystems of this part of the country in the most detail possible.

After the summer concluded, I was hungry for more research opportunities. In fall of 2016, I started working as an assistant to Jason James in the Landscape Biochemistry Lab. I am helping with his research between the relationship of the carbon cycle and soil. I’ve learned a lot about how to work and be comfortable in a lab environment. The experience I’ve gained in the lab has given me a lot of confidence for my future in environmental science.

Having the opportunity to do both field and lab work before my fourth year at the UW has been a blessing. The knowledge, experience, and comfort in my abilities that I have gained from doing research as an undergraduate is something I’m very proud of and will be important to my career success.


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